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Good Doctor(GD)is a medical science and technology company that globally takes lead in developing and applying the technique of constantly hyperthermic perfusion and circulation in the treatment of malignant peritoneal or pleural effusion.GD focuses on the development of advanced technology of constantly hyperthermic perfusion and circulation,and is advanced in scientific innovation and clinical application of hyperthermic intra-peritoneal chemotherapy(HIPEC)and hyperthermic intra-thoracic(or intra-pleural)chemotherapy(HITHOC),which have been rapidly developed in the field of intra-peritoneal or intra-thoracic chemotherapy and postoperative thermal dissection.GD-HIPEC can effectively prevent micro-implantation and metastasis following surgery as well as control malignant effusion.Unique device and advanced technique of GD-HIPEC fundamentally prevent post-operative metastasis of tumor,block“recurrence”of the malignant effusion,and successfully solve a series of problems recognized in the field HIPEC,such as unsteady temperature,uneven thermal distribution and high incidence of tissue adhesion during traditional HIPEC.The Founder and key stuff members of GD have excellent medical background and have over decades experience in the management and control cancer metastasis and malignant peritoneal or pleural effusion.In the last two decades,GD products have been widely used in the hospitals and institutes not only in China,but also in Malaysia and many European countries.GD provides clinical solutions for the“Prevention and Treatment of Intra-peritoneal or Intra-pleural Metastasis and Malignant Effusion”before(preoperative),during(intraoperative)and after(postoperative)surgery.

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